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Welcome home…

As we approached Fort Benning, a lone soldier stood guard. He asked for identification and seeing that my daughter is the wife of a soldier ; he said welcome home. As we toured the base, from the Infantry Museum, to the barracks and in conversation I felt a strong presence of Servant Leadership, in part because our needs were served first. As we left I looked back at the entrance sign and it said; “Home to Soldiers, Families and Leaders of the World’s Best Army!” This is authentic Servant Leadership.

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My Spiritual Aha…

While out for a morning walk I was thinking about Servant Leadership, you see for me it’s a conscious thing.

The foundation of this philosophy is wanting to serve; first. But whom am I really serving and more importantly why? 

When I talk to groups one of the components we have a conversation about of this amazing leadership style is its sustainability. For some it’s the golden rule and for others it can go deeper, your choice. Wanting to have this great feeling every day by helping others, be it a genuine smile, opening a door, paying it forward or making a lasting difference in someone’s life; they remember as do you, and this naturally makes you want to do it again.

The next day I felt a little empty yearning to duplicate the day before but it was gone; or was it? I prayed to the Holy Spirit and it came rushing back. I asked someone to lunch, brought my wife a book she forgot at home and helped a student connect with a local company for a possible job. I did it again!

What was the aha? Picture a triangle, with one side being the Holy Spirit, one side others, and one side you. By serving the first you serve others, and by doing that your needs are met. 

I can’t wait to do it again! What sustains your day?

In service,


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