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I was talking to a mentor friend of mine and he made the comment that I was not a self motivated person. Although I was initially surprised and asked why he thought that, the more I pondered his observation the more I agreed with it.

In looking for new opportunities almost every job posting requires that you must be self motivated. So the question is, what motivates a person, and more importantly what motivates me?

Having always thought of myself as intrinsically driven, in reality and after giving this considerable thought, I realized this is not the case and hence I must be MAD; MOTIVATE AND DO. Instead of having a one size fits all motivation I now have an authentic, less stressful, meaningful and rewarding external motivation that authentically starts from within because this works for me!

This allows me to serve the needs of others first in a new and focused way. In ways that meet my needs thus allowing me to help my customers solve their business needs and wants and to give them my complete attention and service that is second to none.

Think about what really motivates you and your organization and see if being MAD isn’t what you think it is.

Take care,
Tony Mann

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