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Looking back equals moving forward…

Mike Ditka said living in the past is for cowards and losers.

As we begin 2013 the simplicity of this statement now makes sense. In order to truly move forward I have decided to get rid of the clutter in my life that is holding me back.

Let’s start with getting over the loss of a job which in itself can be a life changing experience as many of you know. Having ridden the roller coaster of emotions from shock, disbelief, anger, denial and blaming others to name a few, wallowing in the past goes to the wisdom of Da Coach as self-pity will get you nowhere. I’m not saying it doesn’t make you feel good at first, because it does. It’s a natural response of being human, something I believe that resonates with all of us.

I realized at some point that my talents, uniqueness, personality, values, relationships and aspirations should not and will not be controlled by others, especially those that live in their own shadow.

Looking back we have all experienced highs and lows in 2012 and we each need to deal with them in our own way. The lows make us stronger and put our problems in perspective; embrace them. The highs give us hope and opportunity; keep moving higher.

At the end of the day if you can look in the mirror and say I am happy, healthy, a loving person and a valued friend serving the needs of others and look to the past with a smile, then 2013 will be a fantastic journey.

Yes, you must look back to move forward, just don’t stay there too long.

Stay focused,


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