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Leadership and the pencil cup

Tall, short, plain, bold, new or broken; these are leaders. They engage or not, they empower or control. Their followers can be sharp, dull, odd, but always ready to be used. It’s how the leader sees the people in the cup, all the while using the eraser and the sharpener.


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Let the journey begin…

Out for lunch one day I struck a conversation with the owner of a small restaurant I frequent. I asked him how business was and he said not so good. He started telling me how most of his customers were unemployed looking for work and would often ask if he knew about any jobs. Though he worried about his business and family, his first feeling was to help others  get back on their feet offering sustenance, hope and employment leads.

The amazing thing about this person was that he himself was terminally ill suffering from a variety of ailments but serving the needs of others first. When I asked what motivated him, he looked at me and said, because it makes me feel good.

This is at the core of serving in a sustainable way.


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September 13, 2012 · 7:42 pm

Hello world!

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