The Lincoln Letter

When Lincoln was angry with his generals he would write a letter about how he felt, seal it, and put it in his pocket. The next day he would open the letter and see if he felt the same way. If so it was delivered, if not it was destroyed.

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So what does hearing Gods voice, followed by a sermon, then discovering a need, reding a scripture and bearing bells have to do with entrepreneurship?  …

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The Six Leadership Styles plus 1

Business school leadership courses teach the six leadership styles: Visionary, Coaching, Affiliative, Democratic, Pacesetting and Commanding. This has been the norm ever since Daniel Goleman (widely known as the father of Emotional Intelligence) published these six traits in his bestseller, “Primal Leadership”.

Let’s take a closer look at the six:

  • Visionary-sees the big picture (positive)
  • Coaching-helps people reach their goals (positive)
  • Affiliative-a connector of people (positive)
  • Democratic-works with people sharing value and input (positive)
  • Pacesetting-hits the ground running with or without input from others (negative)
  • Commanding-gives clear directions and can abuse power (negative)

I would like to add a seventh style: Servant Leadership. This trait was coined by Robert Greenleaf in 1970 and is generally discussed outside of the six, if at all. Simply put; “Great Leaders are Servants first.” – Robert Greenleaf. 

Let’s take a closer look at the plus1:

  • Making things happen; all the time (positive)
  • Empowering followers (positive)
  • Focus on work, not credit (positive)
  • It allows you to relate to others through empathy, open communication and new ideas (positive)
  • Being acutely aware, the impact is amazing (positive)
  • Following  up “staying connected” (positive)

Although the six can crossover into Servant Leadership, in my experience teaching leadership, speaking before groups and in talking with leaders from a variety of backgrounds, there seems to be universal agreement among those who practice this philosophy that it is the best way to lead.

Serve first!

Tony Mann is Faculty Lecturer of Graduate Business and  holds an MBA from Aurora University. He also speaks to a variety of groups on the topic of Servant Leadership for business and self ( and can be contacted at Aurora University (

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Down and out…

Three guys on a corner with nowhere to go. Hey, here are two McDonalds cards, enjoy. Thanks buddy and God bless, but why are you doing this? Because it just feels good. Servant Leadership is a natural feeling of wanting to serve, to serve first. I can taste the fries!

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The green bag challenge…


For the next 40 days I challenge you to do one act of random kindness each day. What’s in your bag and how will you simply make others and yourself feel good?


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1 Resume Idea…

If you don’t have resume overload, please let me know what remote island you are living on! We are bombarded 24/7 with endless ideas on how to write a resume, how to get it read, what words you must have, how many pages, who is reading it along with another 800,000 do’s and don’ts.

So here is 800,001. One paragraph that has the reader imagining along with you, how good it would feel if you could make their life easier, followed by a link to your always current LinkedIn page.

See if this works for you!




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I was talking to a mentor friend of mine and he made the comment that I was not a self motivated person. Although I was initially surprised and asked why he thought that, the more I pondered his observation the more I agreed with it.

In looking for new opportunities almost every job posting requires that you must be self motivated. So the question is, what motivates a person, and more importantly what motivates me?

Having always thought of myself as intrinsically driven, in reality and after giving this considerable thought, I realized this is not the case and hence I must be MAD; MOTIVATE AND DO. Instead of having a one size fits all motivation I now have an authentic, less stressful, meaningful and rewarding external motivation that authentically starts from within because this works for me!

This allows me to serve the needs of others first in a new and focused way. In ways that meet my needs thus allowing me to help my customers solve their business needs and wants and to give them my complete attention and service that is second to none.

Think about what really motivates you and your organization and see if being MAD isn’t what you think it is.

Take care,
Tony Mann

PS- For more information on how I can be of service, please contact me.

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